A Message From Our Founder

“The effort of the Festival of the Globe – Silicon Valley and San Francisco Global Movie Fest 2015 has been in recognizing the need for communities to work together for a larger good. Through film, culture, dance, art we plan to be the largest festival that aims to engage global participation. Festival of the Globe will provide participants, brands and audiences interacting with each other. Also, through the Global Movie Festival we want to amplify some of the burning issues of the day to a larger audience. Another goal is to introduce the global talent pool of talented movie makers to Silicon Valley investors. We ask you all to join us in this history making initiative “

– Dr. Romesh Japra, MD

About FOG

Festival of Globe (FOGsv) is San Francisco Bay Area’s premier multi ethnic cross cultural extravaganza. The week-long festival packages film arts, visual arts, performing arts and folk arts from around the globe into a lively and intense celebration of the richness and diversity of cultures.Using Art and Culture as a common theme, FOG aims to serve as a unique catalyst for cultural osmosis and bring positive change within the communities. Each year the Festival raises funds in support of various social issues faced by the diverse communities. Specific causes that are actively supported include youth development, Elderly and Senior care, Ending hunger and homelessness and Empowerment of Women and youth against sex crimes. For 2017, our theme is Celebrate Diversity. Celebrating diversity in your own community is a great way to celebrate your community as a whole.

About FIA

Federation of Indo-Americans of Northern California is a Fremont based umbrella 501-c(3) organization, Non-Profit Tax id #77-01-77823. It consists of over 40 member organizations. Over the last 24 years, The Federation has continued to work with its member organizations in working on various community based initiatives, and has emphasized that its members continue to remain engaged in every aspect of our community. The FIA has also proudly hosted the annual Festival of India & Parade for the last twenty two years. This event has continued to garner participants from all over Northern California, and has attracted luminaries and dignitaries from all over the world. The festival organizers have continued to organize this Festival which is intended to give our communities an opportunity to work together and present this Festival year after year. Every year, the attendance has grown and has allowed our communities, to get a better

“Our organization have a non-discrimination policy that ensures it does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, color, sex, religion, age, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, or disability”